TEJAS - The original Native American word for friend. Often thought to be Spanish, but used by the Caddo Indians long before the Spanish arrived.

For years I've thought of a fringed buckskin jacket I had in college...it's the inspiration for an exciting new project that marries my sustainable sensible side with my studied design aesthetic. A recent visit to a ranch in west Texas illuminated my vision of reworking the fringed college jacket into a simple and elegant deerskin jacket, using sustainably sourced American leather from deer that roam the wide open expanses of the land. I am quite drawn to Texas and feel a calling to move there soon, placing roots and working alongside partners who will join me in moving my vision forward. I have chosen a north American tannery whose work combines elements from the late 1800's and is working to keep the tannery traditions alive alongside skilled leather garment craftsmen from Texas with deep values surrounding their craft.

Your purchase supports our work towards regenerative clothing...for years the hides from these deer were thrown into landfills or sent overseas for tanning. While most tanneries have migrated out of North America, we are partnered with one of the few left who are keeping this tradition alive. Since much of the work we do is by hand, each piece is unique and there may be variations in the hide that occur such as scars and scrapes. We believe this variation holds a special value and shares our unique story of preservation, mindful processing and nod to the past.


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